Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When do I need to transfer my sponsor money?
Answer: We prefer to receive your money before October.

Question: Can I stop my sponsoring at any time?
Answer: Yes, please contact your sponsor-coordinator.

Question: What do they use the sponsor money for?
Answer: The money will be used for buying school materials, cleaning materials, overheads and paying staff salaries and field trips. Since January 2014 do we also offer breakfast (a nourishing maize porridge with extra vitamins) to children who don’t get this at home or really need it.

Question: Can I correspond with my sponsor child?
Answer: You can send your sponsor child a letter our card. Address: Ebenezer School, P.O. Box 45 Nkhoma, Malawi. We prefer that presents are not sent since others will not receive. It is possible to make donations for the whole class. The school will buy something extra for all the children in the class. Once a year you receive a letter/drawing and a photo from your sponsor child.

Question: Are there photos available for an impression of the school?
Answer: Yes, for more visual impressions, we ask you to visit the Dutch site (see Dutch flag top right). You may friend Ebenezer School Malawi on Facebook.